Frequently Asked Questions


Students from out of town are expected to make their own accommodation arrangements while attending courses.

During the summer months, Western has affordable on campus accommodations. Please visit the Stay at Western website for prices and booking details.

During the regular academic year (September - April), there is a limited number of University-owned graduate student housing. If you would like information about these University facilities visit the Off Campus Housing website.

Information about general accommodations in the City of London can be found on the Tourism London website.

Tuition & Tuition Receipts

Tuition Costs

For the most recent MPA and DPA (On Campus) program costs, click on the Graduate Canadian or Graduate International pdf in the Fee Schedules. The MPA tuition rates are detailed in the first table at the top. The DPA (On Campus) tution rates are specified in the second table of the third page.

Tuition Receipt

The University of Western Ontario generates electronic copies of all T2202A forms that you can download and print. Please visit the T2202A information page for details and direct your questions to the office of the registrar.

Tuition Balance

Tuition is usually calculated about one month before the term starts. All western students have the ability to check their tuition account balance online. There are no tuition invoices issued. Instead students can print an official invoice from their online account balance page (click the printer friendly version button for a clean copy). Students can log into their account though the Student Center. From there, click on Finances and then Detailed Statement of Account. To get a clean copy of the tuition invoice click the printer friendly form button.

Students can also find out out their tuition account information by contacting the Office of the Registrar. The helpline number is 519-661-2100.

Accounts/Login Help

If you are having trouble logging into any of your UWO accounts, please follow these instructions.

You will now have all the components you need to log into the UWO E-mail System, the Student Center.


For comprehensive instructions on how to connect your device(s) to the Western wireless network, please visit



The approximate cost of textbooks is around $150-$200 per course. This number varies depending on the year and course.


Textbooks are selected and ordered by the Instructors for placement in the University of Western Ontario Bookstore. Course books can be ordered and shipped online by course by visiting the Bookstore Website and searching for the specific course.

Textbooks are usually ready for purchase a few weeks prior to the start date of a class. Inquiries about the availability of text books should be directed towards the course instructor listed in the course outline for either the Masters program or the Diploma program.


All western students have the ability to check their grades online. Once grades are submitted to the program coordinator that are forwarded to the office of the registrar for posting. The office of the registrar makes the grades available thought the PeopleSoft system. Students can log into the Student Center to check their grades.

Grade posting takes about 1-2 business days from the time the grade is submitted to the program coordinator until the time is it available online for student viewing. This time estimate may vary during the busier times of the year when the office of the registrar receives thousands of grades in a short period of time.

Students should note that the grades that appear online are final grades. If there is a discrepancy between the grade the instructor indicated and the grade online, please inform both the instructor and the program coordinator as soon as possible.

To Check Your Grades:

  • Log into the Student Center.
  • Under Documentation click "Web Academic Report"
  • Under Report Type select "Web Academic Report"
  • Click "View Report"
  • This will generate a copy of the information that is on your transcript including offical final grades.

Western Email

E-mail Services

All students are issued a Western email account. You are encouraged to use this account as your main contact. All email correspondence from Western will be sent to this email (eg. grades & convocation). If you chose not to use this email account, it is important to at least log in and set up the forwarding service to your account of preference.

Checking E-mail

You can check your email by setting up your UWO email with popular e-mail programs, or by using the web-based e-mail login.


E-mail services are run by the Information Technology Services depart of the university. Please feel free to contact them directly with your e-mail troubleshooting questions.